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Learning Anime Studio
Learning Anime Studio Image
Bring life to your imagination with the power of Anime Studio with this book and ebook Overview Draw and rig cartoon assets using a set of robust tools Breathe life into your animated productions with in-depth sets and props Learn tips and tricks to add appealing effects to your animated cartoons In Detail Anime Studio is your complete animation program to help you create cut...
Getting Started with Django
Getting Started with Django Image
Develop simple web applications with the powerful Django framework Overview Get to know MVC pattern and the structure of Django Create your first webpage with Django mechanisms Enable user interaction with forms Program extremely rapid forms with Django features. Explore the best practices to develop applications of a superior quality In Detail Django is a powerful Python we...

Substructure Design
Substructure Design Image
2nd Edition
Over 140 experts, 14 countries, and 89 chapters are represented in the second edition of the Bridge Engineering Handbook. This extensive collection highlights bridge engineering specimens from around the world, contains detailed information on bridge engineering, and thoroughly explains the concepts and practical applications surrounding the subject. Publis...
Beginning iOS 7 Development
Beginning iOS 7 Development Image
The team that brought you the bestselling Beginning iPhone Development is back again for Beginning iOS 7 Development, bringing this definitive guide up-to-date with Apple's latest and greatest iOS 7 SDK, as well as with the latest version of Xcode. There's coverage of brand-new technologies, including a new chapter on Apple's Sprite Kit framework for game development, as well a...

Enterprise Web Development
Enterprise Web Development Image
If you want to build your organization's next web application with HTML5, this practical book will help you sort through the various frameworks, libraries, and development options that populate this stack. You'll learn several of these approaches hands-on by writing multiple versions of a sample web app throughout the book, so you can determine the right strategy for your enter...
Seamless and Secure Communications over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Seamless and Secure Communications over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks Image
This brief provides an overview of the requirements, challenges, design issues and major techniques for seamless and secure communications over heterogeneous wireless networks. It summarizes and provides detailed insights into the latest research on handoff management, mobility management, fast authentication and security management to support seamless and secure roaming for mo...

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Administration
Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Administration Image
Conquer Microsoft SharePoint 2013 administration-from the inside out! Dive into SharePoint 2013 administration-and really put your systems expertise to work! This supremely organized reference packs hundreds of timesaving solutions, troubleshooting tips, and workarounds. Discover how the experts deploy, configure, and manage SharePoint-and challenge yourself to new levels of m...
iOS 7 in Action
iOS 7 in Action Image
SummaryiOS 7 in Action is a detailed, hands-on guide that teaches you how to create amazing native iOS apps. You'll dive into key topics by exploring thoroughly explained real-world code examples you can expand and reuse. Learn about Collection Views, Storyboarding, Twitter Facebook Integration, Passbook, Airplay, and much more. If you're already creating iOS apps, you'll lear...

OCA Image
An all-in-one study guide prepares you for the updated Oracle Certified Associate certificationIt's been nearly six years since Oracle updated its cornerstone database software, making the demand for a comprehensive study guide for the OCA 12c certification a top priority. This resource answers that demand. Packed with invaluable insight, chapter review questions, bonus practic...
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2012 R2 Image
This supremely organized reference packs hundreds of timesaving solutions, troubleshooting tips, and workarounds for Windows Server 2012 R2 - with a focus on configuration, storage, and essential administrative tasks. Coverage includes: Deployment Boot configuration Administration Configuring roles, role services, and features Managing and troubleshooting hardware TPM and Bitl...

Practical Zendesk Administration
Practical Zendesk Administration Image
2nd Edition
Implementing the Zendesk customer service software as part of your company's operations can be time-consuming, but with the best practices and advice in this hands-on guide, you can shorten the procedure considerably. You'll learn the purpose, benefits, and pitfalls of each Zendesk feature, with examples of how to configure it to match your company's needs a...
Understanding Bitcoin
Understanding Bitcoin Image
Discover Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that has the finance world buzzing Bitcoin is arguably one of the biggest developments in finance since the advent of fiat currency. With Understanding Bitcoin , expert author Pedro Franco provides finance professionals with a complete technical guide and resource to the cryptography, engineering and economic development of Bitcoin and other...

Mastering System Center 2012 R2
Mastering System Center 2012 R2 Image
Invaluable coverage on all aspects of System Center 2012 R2 Configuration ManagerCompletely updated for System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager, this comprehensive book provides intermediate and advanced coverage of all aspects of the product, including planning and installation, migrating from previous versions of Configuration Manager, deploying software and operating sys...
Anonymous Communication Networks
Anonymous Communication Networks Image
In todays interactive network environment, where various types of organizations are eager to monitor and track Internet use, anonymity is one of the most powerful resources available to counterbalance the threat of unknown spectators and to ensure Internet privacy.Addressing the demand for authoritative information on anonymous Internet usage, Anonymous Communication Networks: ...

Beginning Haskell
Beginning Haskell Image
Beginning Haskell provides a broad-based introduction to the Haskell language, its libraries and environment, and to the functional programming paradigm that is fast growing in importance in the software industry. The book takes a project-based approach to learning the language that is unified around the building of a web-based storefront. Excellent coverage is given to the Has...
Versatile Routing and Services with BGP
Versatile Routing and Services with BGP Image
Design a robust BGP control plane within a secure, scalable network for smoother servicesA robust Border Gateway Protocol setup is vital to ensuring reliable connectivity, an essential capability for any organization. The Internet has become a necessary, always-on service in homes and businesses, and BGP is the protocol that keeps communication flowing. But BGP also has become ...

Programming Windows Store Apps with C#
Programming Windows Store Apps with C# Image
If you're a .NET developer looking to build tablet apps, this practical book takes you step-by-step through the process of developing apps for the Windows Store. You'll learn how to use Microsoft's Modern UI design language with Windows 8.1 and WinRT 8.1.1 by building a line-of-business mobile app with C# through the course of the book. To develop the app, you'll work with the...
Penetration Testing with the Bash shell
Penetration Testing with the Bash shell Image
Make the most of the Bash shell and Kali Linux's command-line-based security assessment tools Overview Utilize the command line to create, run, and execute tests Learn useful command line based information processing utilities and unlock the problem solving power of a Linux terminal Practical demonstrations using in-depth explanations and screenshots to help you use the Linux...

Becoming Functional
Becoming Functional Image
If you have an imperative (and probably object-oriented) programming background, this hands-on book will guide you through the alien world of functional programming. Author Joshua Backfield begins slowly by showing you how to apply the most useful implementation concepts before taking you further into functional-style concepts and practices.In each chapter, you'll learn a funct...
Test Equating, Scaling and Linking
Test Equating, Scaling and Linking Image
3rd Edition
This book provides an introduction to test equating, scaling and linking, including those concepts and practical issues that are critical for developers and all other testing professionals. In addition to statistical procedures, successful equating, scaling and linking involves many aspects of testing, including procedures to develop tests, to administer and...

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