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Scripting in Java

Integrating with Groovy and JavaScript

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Book Details:

Series: Apress
Author:Kishori Sharan
Published:Dec 04 2014
Posted:Jan 28 2015
Book format:PDF
Book size:3.43 MB

Book Description:

Scripting in Java teaches you how to use the Java Scripting API and JavaScript to execute scripts and take advantage of the features of a scripting language while developing Java applications. The book also covers topics that enable scripting languages to take advantage of Java features and the Java class library, including the new Java Collections and JavaFX 8 APIs. Most of the examples in this book use JavaScript on the Nashorn engine. Author Kishori Sharan will show you scripts in JavaScript to demonstrate its power and use in your Java applications. Some of the examples use the jrunscript and jjs command-line tools. Furthermore, debugging is discussed to equip you for situations when or if you encounter any issues with this kind of Java scripting. After reading and using this book, you will have most of what you need to do scripting in Java. What youll learnHow to execute scripts and pass parameters to scriptsWhat is the Java Scripting API as found in the new Java 8How to write scripts in Nashorn and invoke procedures in scriptsHow to use compiled scripts and use Java in scripting languagesHow to use the new Java APIs, including JavaFX 8 and Collections in NashornHow to implement a script engineHow to use the jrunscript and jjs command-line toolsWho this book is for This book is for those who have some experience with Java. Although it is not required, it would be helpful to have a basic knowledge of a scripting language before reading this book. Table of ContentsChapter 1: Getting StartedChapter 2: Executing ScriptsChapter 3: Passing Parameters to ScriptsChapter 4: Writing Scripts in NashornChapter 5: Procedures and Compiled ScriptsChapter 6: Using Java in Scripting LanguagesChapter 7: CollectionsChapter 8: Implementing a Script EngineChapter 9: The jrunscript Command-Line ShellChapter 10: The jjs Command Line ToolChapter 11: Using JavaFX in NashornChapter 12: Java APIs for NashornChapter 13: Debugging, Tracing, and Profiling Scripts

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