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Complete Digital Design

A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Electronics and Computer System Architecture

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Book Details:

Series: McGraw Hill
Author:Mark Balch
Published:Jun 20 2003
Posted:Nov 19 2014
Book format:PDF
Book size:5.71 MB

Book Description:

YOUR ONE-STOP RESOURCE FOR DIGITAL SYSTEM DESIGN!The explosion in communications and embedded computing technologies has brought with it a host of new skill requirements for electrical and electronics engineers, students, and hobbyists. With engineers expected to have such diverse expertise, they need comprehensive, easy-to-understand guidance on the fundamentals of digital design.Enter McGraw-Hill's Complete Digital Design. Written by an experienced electrical engineer and networking hardware designer, this book helps you understand and navigate the interlocking components, architectures, and practices necessary to design and implement digital systems. It includes:* Real world implementation of microprocessor-based digital systems* Broad presentation of supporting analog circuit principles* Building complete systems with basic design elements and the latest technologiesComplete Digital Design will teach you how to develop a customized set of requirements for any design problem and then research and evaluate available components and technologies to solve it. Perfect for the professional, the student, and the hobbyist alike, this is one volume you need handy at all times!

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