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Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Reporting Services

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Book Details:

Publisher:McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
Series: McGraw Hill
Author:Brian Larson
Published:May 21 2004
Posted:Nov 19 2014
Book format:CHM
Book size:21.12 MB

Book Description:

Design and deliver insightful and interactive Web-based reports Transform your companys valuable data into easily shared information with help from this definitive resource. Written by a member of the development team, this hands-on guide covers everything from installation to administration and shows you how to create visually appealing reports with ease and accuracy. Youll get a firm understanding of the entire report-building process by following a case study throughout the course of the book. Learn first-hand how to extract data using Query Builder and master key tools such as the Report Wizard and Report Manager. Leverage the power of Microsofts most powerful server-based reporting solution to improve business decision-making and facilitate company-wide--even worldwide--communication. Essential Skills for Database Professionals Follow steps to prepare for a smooth installation process Explore the ins and outs of the SELECT query and ensure data integrity Create cleanly designed interactive reports and deliver them in a timely manner Generate reports with the aid of the Report Wizard and from scratch Work with line, text box, and rectangle controls Add polish to your reports with images, color, and charts Control the properties of a report item using Visual Basic expressions Use the Report Manager to share information in a secure, managed environment About the author: Brian Larson, MCSD, MCDBA, is a well-known industry expert and member of the Reporting Services development team. He has written for SQL Server Magazine and is the Chief of Technology for Superior Consulting Services in the Twin Cities.

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