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HCI Beyond the GUI

Design for Haptic, Speech, Olfactory, and Other Nontraditional Interfaces

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Book Details:

Publisher:Morgan Kaufmann
Series: Morgan Kaufmann
Author:Philip Kortum
Published:May 09 2008
Posted:Nov 19 2014
Book format:PDF
Book size:10.02 MB

Book Description:

As technology expands and evolves, one-dimensional, graphical user interface (GUI) design becomes increasingly limiting and simplistic. Designers must meet the challenge of developing new and creative interfaces that adapt to meet human needs and technological trends. HCI Beyond the GUI provides designers with this know how by exploring new ways to reach users that involve all of the human senses. Dr. Kortum gathers contributions from leading human factors designers to present a single reference for professionals, researchers, and students. . Explores the human factors involved in the design and implementation of the nontraditional interfaces, detailing design strategies, testing methodologies, and implementation techniques . Provides an invaluable resource for practitioners who design interfaces for children, gamers and users with accessibility needs . Offers extensive case studies, examples and design guidelines

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