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IP-Enabled Energy Management

A Proven Strategy for Administering Energy as a Service

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Book Details:

Series: Sybex
Author:Robert Aldrich
Published:Oct 05 2010
Posted:Nov 19 2014
Book format:PDF
Book size:3.02 MB

Book Description:

Extend Your Energy Management CapabilitiesManaging energy usage via a company network allows you to create an energy management program that can be scaled company-wide, and this unique book shows you just how to do it. Through step-by-step instruction and real-world case studies drawn from the expert author team's own experience at Cisco, this book lays out an IP-based energy management strategy to optimize resources, dramatically increase energy savings, and significantly reduce your carbon footprint.How do you establish energy management across multiple functions, such as compute, network, and storage while preparing for building infrastructure convergence? How do you set up energy domains on a network? How do you bring this all together into one unified energy programthen deploy it, manage it, and measure results? Find the answers in this timely guide. Consider energy in terms of risk, cost, and resource management Gather raw data on where your company is now and set up benchmarking Create strategies across multiple stakeholders and goals, including facilities, IT, security, and sustainability Establish and administer energy domains Review the basics of energy accounting, measure results, and set up reporting See how to make your program sustainable and prepare for the future

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