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Python For Dummies

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Book Details:

Publisher:John Wiley & Sons
Series: Wiley , For Dummies
Author:Stef Maruch
Published:Sep 19 2006
Posted:Apr 20 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:1.51 MB

Book Description:

Python is one of the most powerful, easytoread programming languages around, but it does have its limitations. This general purpose, highlevel language that can be extended and embedded is a smart option for many programming problems, but a poor solution to others.Python For Dummies is the quickandeasy guide to getting the most out of this robust program. This handson book will show you everything you need to know about building programs, debugging code, and simplifying development, as well as defining what actions it can perform. Youll wrap yourself around all of its advanced features and become an expert Python user in no time. This guide gives you the tools you need to:Master basic elements and syntaxDocument, design, and debug programsWork with strings like a proDirect a program with control structuresIntegrate integers, complex numbers, and modulesBuild lists, stacks, and queuesCreate an organized dictionaryHandle functions, data, and namespaceConstruct applications with modules and packagesCall, create, extend, and override classesAccess the Internet to enhance your libraryUnderstand the new features of Python 2.5Packed with critical idioms and great resources to maximize your productivity, Python For Dummies is the ultimate onestop information guide. In a matter of minutes youll be familiar with Pythons building blocks, strings, dictionaries, and sets; and be on your way to writing the program that youve dreamed about!

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