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The XML Schema

Complete Reference

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Publisher:Pearson Education
Series: Addison Wesley , The Complete Reference
Author:Cliff Binstock
Published:Sep 26 2002
Posted:Nov 19 2014
Book format:CHM
Book size:1.97 MB

Book Description:

This book is designed to help developers leverage the full power of XML Schema using whatever tools and approaches they're most comfortable with. Rather than forcing XML developers down a single path, the authors give them practical insights and sample code for making informed choices. Their detailed examples demonstrate every feature incorporated in the W3C XML Schema Recommendation, while offering practical guidance on integrating XML Schema into many popular platforms, including .NET, Java, and Oracle. They cover virtually every aspect of development with XML Schemas. Coverage includes: applications for schemas; simple and complex types; XML processing; using schemas with DOM and SAX; XML Schema syntax, levels, elements, attributes, the powerful XML Schema Common Type Library, and more. In-depth chapters show XML Schema at work with Java, C++, Visual Basic, SQL relational databases, Web services, and data-oriented Web sites.

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