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The Guide to Planning and Building Websites

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Book Details:

Series: Wrox
Author:Cindy McCourt
Published:Jul 26 2011
Posted:Nov 19 2014
Book format:PDF
Book size:15.16 MB

Book Description:

A complete lifecycle guide to planning and building a site with DrupalDrupal allows you to quickly and easily build a wide variety of web sites, from very simple blog sites to extremely complex sites that integrate with other systems. In order to maximize what Drupal can do for you, you need to plan. Whether you are building with Drupal 6 or 7, this book details the steps necessary to plan your site so you can make informed decisions before you start to build.Explains how to define the scope of your projectShows you how to create a design plan taking into consideration how Drupal worksHelps you make informed decisions regarding development methodologies, environments, standards, and site securityReviews ways to assess the use of existing and/or custom Drupal modulesTeaches you how to avoid common pitfalls that can impact a successful site launchWalks you through preparing for post-launch site maintenance and management tasksDetails incorporating the nature of open source systems into your management strategiesIdentifies ways to interact with members of the Drupal communityThe processes and techniques provided in this book will empower you to create a successful and sustainable site with Drupal.

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