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The New iPad Fully Loaded

The New iPad Fully Loaded Image

Book Details:

Series: Wiley
Author:Alan Hess
Published:May 15 2012
Posted:Apr 06 2015
Book format:PDF
Book size:54.8 MB

Book Description:

Maximize all that the newiPad has to offer with The New iPad Fully Loaded! The new iPad Fully Loaded is a one-of-a-kind resource for squeezing every bit of functionality from your new iPad. Whether you're downloading content of any sort, looking to get the most out of iOS5, or using your new iPad to control anything from your home stereo system to your vehicle, nothing is out of the realm of possibilities. As you progress through this captivating, full-color book, veteran author Alan Hess takes you beyond the basicsand show you how to fully utilize your new iPad and it's impressive features. Peppered with sophisticated tips and tricks, The new iPad Fully Loaded encourages you to modify your new iPad to your own specifications and teaches you never-before-revealed tricks so that you can truly get the most out of this amazing device. * Goes beyond the basics to deliver rare tips and tricks on maximizing all that the new iPad has to offer * Includes tips, tricks, and techniques that are applicable to every version of the iPad * Coversnew benefits of iOS 5 * Boasts updates on the latest iPad technology developments as well as coverage of both common and uncommon tasks In full-color and sporting a convenient trim size, The new iPad Fully Loaded is the perfect accessoryto your new iPad.

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