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Kindle Fire HD For Dummies

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Book Details:

Publisher:For Dummies
Series: Wiley , For Dummies
Author:Nancy Muir
Published:Nov 20 2012
Posted:Nov 19 2014
Book format:PDF
Book size:12.32 MB

Book Description:

Movies, apps, games, e-books, and more - enjoy them all on the hottest device in town- the Kindle Fire HD!From its stunning color touchscreen to its ultrafast speed, the Kindle Fire HD is sparking everyone's interest. This full-color guide will have you blazing through the web,staying entertained with the latest apps and games, watching your favorite TV shows and movies, and, of course,reading magazines, newspapers, and books to indulge all your interests. Whether this is your first tablet or you're upgrading from another device, you'll get to know your Kindle Fire HD and rekindle your love ofreading with Kindle Fire HD For Dummies!Covers the Kindle Fire HD and original Kindle FireHelps you navigate the interface, customize your settings, get connected, and take advantage of Amazon CloudShows you how to work with the built-in apps and find new ones to to try outfrom the Amazon AppstoreExplains how to fill your Kindle Fire with cool stuff - from movies and music to videos, photos, apps, e-books, and moreWalks you through using Amazon's incredibly smooth Amazon Silk web browser to find anything you need online andkeep in touchwith e-mail, Skype, Facebook, and TwitterLight 'er up and unleash the fun with Kindle Fire HD For Dummies!

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