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Software War Stories

Case Studies in Software Management

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Book Details:

Publisher:Wiley-IEEE Computer Society Pr
Series: Wiley
Author:Donald J. Reifer
Published:Nov 04 2013
Posted:Jan 16 2015
Book format:PDF
Book size:4.29 MB

Book Description:

A comprehensive, practical book on software management that dispels real-world issues through relevant case studiesSoftware managers inevitably will meet obstacles while trying to deliver quality products and provide value to customers, often with tight time restrictions. The result: Software War Stories.This book provides readers with practical advice on how to handle the many issues that can arise as a software project unfolds. It utilizes case studies that focus on what can be done to establish and meet reasonable expectations as they occur in government, industrial, and academic settings. The book also offers important discussions on both traditional and agile methods as well as lean development concepts.Software War Stories:Covers the basics of management as applied to situations ranging from agile projects to large IT projects with infrastructure problemsIncludes coverage of topics ranging from planning, estimating, and organizing to risk and opportunity managementUses twelve case studies to communicate lessons learned by the author in practiceOffers end-of-chapter exercises, sample solutions, and a blog for providing updates and answers to readers' questionsSoftware War Stories: Case Studies in Software Management mentors practitioners, software engineers, students and more, providing relevant situational examples encountered when managing software projects and organizations.

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