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Harnessing Green IT

Principles and Practices

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Book Details:

Series: Wiley , Principles
Author:San Murugesan
Published:Oct 22 2012
Posted:Nov 19 2014
Book format:PDF
Book size:7.82 MB

Book Description:

'Ultimately, this is a remarkable book, a practical testimonial, and a comprehensive bibliography rolled into one. It is a single, bright sword cut across the various murky green IT topics. And if my mistakes and lessons learned through the green IT journey are any indication, this book will be used every day by folks interested in greening IT.'-Simon Y. Liu, Ph.D. Ed.D., Editor-in-Chief,IT ProfessionalMagazine, IEEE Computer Society, Director, U.S. National Agricultural LibraryThis book presents a holistic perspective on Green IT by discussing its various facets and showing how to strategically embrace itHarnessing Green IT: Principles and Practicesexamines various ways of making computing and information systems greener environmentally sustainable -, as well as several means of using Information Technology (IT) as a tool and an enabler to improve the environmental sustainability. The book focuses on both greening of IT and greening by IT complimentary approaches to attaining environmental sustainability. In a single volume, it comprehensively covers several key aspects of Green IT - green technologies, design, standards, maturity models, strategies and adoption -, and presents a clear approach to greening IT encompassing green use, green disposal, green design, and green manufacturing. It also illustrates how to strategically apply green IT in practice in several areas.Key Features:Presents a comprehensive coverage of key topics of importance and practical relevance - green technologies, design, standards, maturity models, strategies and adoptionHighlights several useful approaches to embracing green IT in several areasFeatures chapters written by accomplished experts from industry and academia who have first-hand knowledge and expertise in specific areas of green ITPresents a set of review and discussion questions for each chapter that will help the readers to examine and explore the green IT domain furtherIncludes a companion website providing resources for further information and presentation slidesThis book will be an invaluable resource for IT Professionals, academics, students, researchers, project leaders/managers, IT business executives, CIOs, CTOs and anyone interested in Green IT and harnessing it to enhance our environment.

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