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Flexible, Reliable Software

Using Patterns and Agile Development

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Book Details:

Publisher:Chapman and Hall/CRC
Series: CRC Press , Using
Author:Henrik B. Christensen
Published:May 11 2010
Posted:Jun 08 2017
Book format:PDF
Book size:4.85 MB

Book Description:

Flexible, Reliable Software: Using Patterns and Agile Development guidesstudents through the software development process. By describing practical stories, explaining the design and programming process in detail, and using projects as a learning context, the text helpsreaders understand why a given technique is required and why techniques must be combined to overcome the challenges facing software developers. The presentation is pedagogically organized as a realistic development story in which customer requests require introducing new techniques to combat ever-increasing software complexity. After an overview and introduction of basic terminology, the book presents the core practices, concepts, tools, and analytic skills for designing flexible and reliable software, including test-driven development, refactoring, design patterns, test doubles, and responsibility driven and compositional design. It then provides a collection of design patterns leading to a thorough discussion of frameworks, exemplified by a graphical user interface frramework (MiniDraw). The author also discusses the important topics of configuration management and systematic testing. In the last chapter, projects lead students to design and implement their own frameworks, resulting in a reliable and usable implementation of a large and complex software system complete with a graphical user interface. This textteacheshow to design, program, and maintain flexible and reliable software. Installation guides, source code for the examples, exercises, and projects can be found on the authors website.

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