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Beginning Scala

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Book Details:

Series: Apress , Beginning
Author:David Pollak
Published:May 23 2009
Posted:Nov 19 2014
Book format:PDF
Book size:9.25 MB

Book Description:

The open source Scala language is a Java-based dynamic scripting, functional programming language. Moreover, this highly scalable scripting language lends itself well to building cloud-based/deliverable Software as a Service (SaaS) online applications. Written by Lift Scala web framework founder and lead Dave Pollak, Beginning Scala takes a down-to-earth approach to teaching Scala that leads you through simple examples that can be combined to build complex, scalable systems and applications. This book introduces you to the Scala programming language and then guides you through Scala constructs and libraries that allow small and large teams to assemble small components into high-performance, scalable systems. You will learn why Scala is becoming the language of choice for Web 2.0 companies such as Twitter as well as enterprises such as Seimens and SAP. What youll learn Get running with the Scala programming language for functional Java, Java-based, and cloud-based/deliverable applications development, and more. Understand the basic syntax and mechanisms for writing Scala programs. Discover the techniques for and advantages of using immutable data structures. Create functional programming techniques for defining and managing concurrency. Use a complex type system and traits to define object-oriented programs. Work with Scala constructs and libraries that allow teams of any size to assemble small components into high-performance, scalable systems. Build complex systems based on the simple examples learned along the way through this book. Who this book is for Java developers looking to reduce boilerplate, improve team performance, improve interteam dynamics, and build more scalable and robust systems. Also, this book will appeal to Java developers looking to do cloud-based development. Lastly, Ruby, Python, and Groovy programmers looking for a higher performance and a more robust language will benefit. Table of Contents About Scala and How to Install It Scala Syntax, Scripts, and Your First Scala Programs Collections and the Joy of Immutability Fun with Functions, and Never Having to Close That JDBC Connection Pattern Matching Actors and Concurrency Traits and Types and Gnarly Stuff for Architects ParsersBecause BNF Is Not Just for Academics Anymore Scaling Your Team

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