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Beginning Sensor Networks with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Beginning Sensor Networks with Arduino and Raspberry Pi Image

Book Details:

Series: Apress , Beginning
Author:Charles Bell
Published:Nov 21 2013
Posted:Nov 19 2014
Book format:PDF
Book size:14.59 MB

Book Description:

Beginning Sensor Networks with Arduino and Raspberry Pi teaches you how to build sensor networks with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and XBee radio modules, and even shows you how to turn your Raspberry Pi into a MySQL database server to store your sensor data! First you'll learn about the different types of sensors and sensor networks, including how to build a simple XBee network. Then you'll walk through building an Arduino-based temperature sensor and data collector, followed by building a Raspberry Pi-based sensor node. Next you'll learn different ways to store sensor data, including writing to an SD card, sending data to the cloud, and setting up a Raspberry Pi MySQL server to host your data. You even learn how to connect to and interact with a MySQL database server directly from an Arduino! Finally you'll learn how to put it all together by connecting your Arduino sensor node to your new Raspberry Pi database server. If you want to see how well Arduino and Raspberry Pi can get along, especially to create a sensor network, then Beginning Sensor Networks with Arduino and Raspberry Pi is just the book you need. What youll learn How to build sensor nodes with both Arduino and Raspberry Pi! What is XBee? What methods you have for storing sensor data How you can host your data on the Raspberry Pi How to get started with the MySQL database connector for Arduino How to build database enabled sensor networks Who this book is for Electronics enthusiasts, Arduino and Raspberry Pi fans, and anyone who wants hands-on experience seeing how these two amazing platforms, Arduino and Raspberry Pi,can work together with MySQL. Table of Contents1. Introduction to Sensor Networks2. Tiny Talking Modules: An Intro to Xbee Wireless Modules3. Arduino-Based Sensor Node4. Rapberry Pi-based Sensor Notes 5. Where to Put It All: Storing Sensor Data6. Turning Your Raspberry Pi into a Database Server 7. MySQL and Arduino: United at Last! 8. Building Your Network: Arduino Wireless Aggregator + Wireless Sensor Node + Raspberry Pi Server9. Planning Wireless Sensor Networks10. Shopping List

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