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Learn Raspberry Pi Programming with Python

Learn Raspberry Pi Programming with Python Image

Book Details:

Series: Apress
Author:Wolfram Donat
Published:Apr 30 2014
Posted:Nov 19 2014
Book format:PDF
Book size:12.5 MB

Book Description:

Learn Raspberry Pi Programming with Python will show you how to program your nifty new $35 computer to make a web spider, a weather station, a media server, and more. You'll learn how to program in Python on your Raspberry Pi with hands-on examples and fun projects. Even if you're completely new to programming in general, you'll figure out how to create a home security system, an underwater photography system, an RC plane with a camera, and even a near-space weather balloon with a camera.You'll learn how to makea variety of fun and even useful projects, from a web bot tosearch and download files toa toy to drive your pets insane. You'll even learn how to use Pi with Arduino as well as Pi with Gertboard, an expansion board with an onboard ATmega microcontroller. What youll learn Raspberry Pi and electronics basics Quick intro to Linux Python basics to get you started on a set of projects How to make a variety of Pi and Python projects, including servers and gadgets with cameras How to use Pi with Arduino and Gertboard Who this book is for Readers who want to learn Python on a fun platform like the Pi and pick up some electronics skills along the way. No programming or Linux skill required, but a little experience with Linux will be helpful. Table of Contents1. Introducing the Raspberry Pi2. Linux by the Seat of Your Pants3. Introducing Python4. Electronics at 100mph5. The WebBot6. The Weather Station7. The Media Server8. The Home Security System9. The Cat Toy10. The Radio-controlled Airplane11. The Weather Balloon12. The Submersible13. The Gertboard14. The Raspberry Pi and the Arduino

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