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Gradle Beyond the Basics

Gradle Beyond the Basics Image

Book Details:

Series: OReilly
Author:Tim Berglund
Published:Aug 09 2013
Posted:Jul 10 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:9.53 MB

Book Description:

If you';re familiar with Gradle';s basics elements-possibly through the author';s previous O';Reilly book, Building and Testing with Gradle-this more advanced guide provides the recipes, techniques, and syntax to help you master this build automation tool. With clear, concise explanations and lots of ready-to-use code examples, you';ll explore four discrete areas of Gradle functionality: file operations, custom Gradle plugins, build lifecycle hooks, and dependency management.Learn how to use Gradle';s rich set of APIs and Groovy-based Domain Specific Language to customize build software that actually conforms to your product. By using the techniques in this book, you';ll be able to write domain-specific builds that support every other line of code your team creates.Examine Gradle';s file API, including copy tasks, pattern matching, content filtering, and the FileCollection interfaceUnderstand the process for building and packaging a custom Gradle plug-inManage build complexity with hook methods and Gradle';s rule featureLearn how Gradle handles dependency management natively and through customizationExplore Gradle';s core plug-ins as well as key examples from the Gradle community

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