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Thinking with Data

How to Turn Information into Insights

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Book Details:

Publisher:O'Reilly Media
Series: OReilly , How To
Author:Max Shron
Published:Feb 03 2014
Posted:Nov 19 2014
Book format:PDF
Book size:3.61 MB

Book Description:

Many analysts are too concerned with tools and techniques for cleansing, modeling, and visualizing datasets and not concerned enough with asking the right questions. In this practical guide, data strategy consultant Max Shron shows you how to put the why before the how, through an often-overlooked set of analytical skills.Thinking with Data helps you learn techniques for turning data into knowledge you can use. You'll learn a framework for defining your project, including the data you want to collect, and how you intend to approach, organize, and analyze the results. You'll also learn patterns of reasoning that will help you unveil the real problem that needs to be solved.Learn a framework for scoping data projectsUnderstand how to pin down the details of an idea, receive feedback, and begin prototypingUse the tools of arguments to ask good questions, build projects in stages, and communicate resultsExplore data-specific patterns of reasoning and learn how to build more useful argumentsDelve into causal reasoning and learn how it permeates data workPut everything together, using extended examples to see the method of full problem thinking in action

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