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High Performance Drupal

Fast and Scalable Designs

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Book Details:

Publisher:O'Reilly Media
Series: OReilly , High Performance
Author:Nathaniel Catchpole
Published:Nov 07 2013
Posted:Jan 12 2015
Book format:PDF
Book size:9.56 MB

Book Description:

How can you help your Drupal website continue to perform at the highest level as it grows to meet demand? This comprehensive guide provides best practices, examples, and in-depth explanations for solving several performance and scalability issues. You'll learn how to apply coding and infrastructure techniques to Drupal internals, application performance, databases, web servers, and performance analysis.Covering Drupal versions 7 and 8, this book is the ideal reference for everything from site deployment to implementing specific technologies such as Varnish, memcache, or Solr. If you have a basic understanding of Drupal and the Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP (LAMP) stack, you're ready to get started.Establish a performance baseline and define goals for improvementOptimize your website's code and front-end performanceGet best and worst practices for customizing Drupal core functionalityApply infrastructure design techniques to launch or expand a siteUse tools to configure, monitor, and optimize MySQL performanceEmploy alternative storage and backend search options as your site growsTune your web servers through httpd and PHP configurationMonitor services and perform load tests to catch problems before they become critical

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