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Fieldbus and Networking in Process Automation

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Book Details:

Publisher:CRC Press
Series: CRC Press
Author:Sunit Kumar Sen
Published:May 14 2014
Posted:Nov 19 2014
Book format:PDF
Book size:11.86 MB

Book Description:

Fieldbuses, particularly wireless fieldbuses, offer a multitude of benefits to process control and automation. Fieldbuses replace point-to-point technology with digital communication networks, offering increased data availability and easier configurability and interoperability. Fieldbus and Networking in Process Automation discusses the newest fieldbuses on the market today, detailing their utilities, components and configurations, wiring and installation methods, commissioning, and safety aspects under hostile environmental conditions. This clear and concise text: Considers the advantages and shortcomings of the most sought after fieldbuses, including HART, Foundation Fieldbus, and Profibus Presents an overview of data communication, networking, cabling, surge protection systems, and device connection techniques Provides comprehensive coverage of intrinsic safety essential to the process control, automation, and chemical industries Describes different wireless standards and their coexistence issues, as well as wireless sensor networks Examines the latest offerings in the wireless networking arena, such as WHART and ISA100.11a Offering a snapshot of the current state of the art, Fieldbus and Networking in Process Automation not only addresses aspects of integration, interoperability, operation, and automation pertaining to fieldbuses, but also encourages readers to explore potential applications in any given industrial environment.

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