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Simulation Technologies in Networking and Communications

Selecting the Best Tool for the Test

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Book Details:

Publisher:CRC Press
Series: CRC Press
Author:Al-Sakib Khan Pathan
Published:Dec 19 2014
Posted:Aug 15 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:15.6 MB

Book Description:

Simulation is a widely used mechanism for validating the theoretical models of networking and communication systems. Although the claims made based on simulations are considered to be reliable, how reliable they really are is best determined with real-world implementation trials.Simulation Technologies in Networking and Communications: Selecting the Best Tool for the Test addresses the spectrum of issues regarding the different mechanisms related to simulation technologies in networking and communications fields. Focusing on the practice of simulation testing instead of the theory, it presents the work of more than 50 experts from around the world. Considers superefficient Monte Carlo simulations Describes how to simulate and evaluate multicast routing algorithms Covers simulation tools for cloud computing and broadband passive optical networks Reports on recent developments in simulation tools for WSNs Examines modeling and simulation of vehicular networks The book compiles expert perspectives about the simulation of various networking and communications technologies. These experts review and evaluate popular simulation modeling tools and recommend the best tools for your specific tests. They also explain how to determine when theoretical modeling would be preferred over simulation.Thisbook does not provide a verdict on the best suitable tool for simulation. Instead, it supplies authoritative analyses of the different kinds of networks and systems. Presenting best practices and insights from global experts, the book provides you with an understanding of what to simulate, where to simulate, whether to simulate or not, when to simulate, and how to simulate for a wide range of issues.

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