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Using The C++ Standard Template Libraries

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Book Details:

Series: Apress , Using
Author:Ivor Horton
Published:Nov 18 2015
Posted:Feb 26 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:9.15 MB

Book Description:

Beginning STL is a contemporary treatment that teaches you the latest C++ 14 APIs, libraries and extensions and how to apply these to your C++ 14 applications. In this book, author Ivor Horton explains what the STL is and how to use it with your C++ applications. You'll learn how to use containers and iterators, as well as how to define, create and apply algorithms. Furthermore, you'll learn about function objects and allocators and how to use them. After reading this book, you'll learn how to extend the STL and define your own types of C++ components. You'll also be able to define your own types to satisfy the C++ STL requirements and to conform to the most common design patterns and best practices. The Standard Template Library provides you as a C++ programmer with a comprehensive set of efficiently implemented tools and reusable components that you can use for most types of application.

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