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Swift Recipes

A Problem-Solution Approach

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Book Details:

Series: Apress , A Problem Solution Approach
Author:Mike Rogers
Published:Jul 08 2015
Posted:Apr 15 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:3.52 MB

Book Description:

Swift Recipes provides a problem solution approach for dealing with key aspects of the Swift programming language (covering version 1.2), ensuring you have the indispensable reference you need to successfully execute common programming tasks. You'll learn how to use the unique features of the Swift programming language as well as its use with Cocoa and Cocoa touch frameworks and libraries.Solutions are available for a range of problems, including application development with Xcode; working with strings, numbers, and object collections; dealing with threads, multi-core processing, and asynchronous processing; and building applications that take advantage of dates and timers and memory management.This book is an essential core reference for every Swift programmer and offers solutions in a concise and easy-to-follow manner. T. Michael Rogers has developed iOS applications for Fortune 100 brands and startups, and has trained new and experienced iOS developers via the iOS Boot Camp in New York City, online courses, and in private settings. He brings his expertise to offer you the ability to use and exploit Swift to get the most out of all your projects for your app creations, whether you use iOS or Mac OS X.

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