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Design Sprint

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Series: OReilly , Practical
Author:Richard Banfield
Published:Oct 31 2015
Posted:Apr 20 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:0.99 MB

Book Description:

With more than 500 new apps entering the market every day, what does it take to build a successful digital product? You can greatly reduce your risk of failure with design sprints, a process that enables your team to prototype and test a digital product idea within a week. This practical guide shows you exactly what a design sprint involves and how you can incorporate the process into your organization.Design sprints not only let you test digital product ideas before you pour too many resources into a project, they also help everyone get on board-whether they';re team members, decision makers, or potential users. You';ll know within days whether a particular product idea is worth pursuing.Design sprints enable you to:Clarify the problem at hand, and identify the needs of potential usersExplore solutions through brainstorming and sketching exercisesDistill your ideas into one or two solutions that you can testPrototype your solution and bring it to lifeTest the prototype with people who would use it

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