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Global IPv6 Strategies

From Business Analysis to Operational Planning

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Book Details:

Publisher:Cisco Press
Series: Cisco Press
Author:Patrick Grossetete
Published:May 25 2008
Posted:Nov 19 2014
Book format:PDF
Book size:2.99 MB

Book Description:

Network Business Series Justify Your Network Investment The definitive guide to IPv6 decision making for non-technical business leaders Every year, organizations rely on Internet applications and services more deeply-and every year, Internet infrastructure grows more powerful and complex. As the limitations of traditional IPv4 addressing become increasingly apparent, many decision makers recognize that a transition to IPv6 is needed far sooner than anticipated. Global IPv6 Strategies gives non-technical decision makers the information to plan and execute an orderly, efficient migration to IPv6-and reap the business benefits. This book's authors offer practical scenarios, proven best practices, and real-world case studies drawn from their unsurpassed experience helping enterprises and service providers move to IPv6. Writing for non-technical decision makers, they systematically review the costs, benefits, impacts, and opportunities associated with IPv6 migration. Their insights and strategies can help you address both the technical side of IPv6 and the rarely discussed organizational issues that can make or break your transition. Patrick Grossetete, manager of Product Management at Cisco, is responsible for key Cisco IOS software technologies including IPv6 and IP Mobility. A member of the IPv6 Forum Technical Directorate, he has been honored with the IPv6 Forum Internet Pioneer Award. Ciprian P. Popoviciu, PhD, CCIE No. 4499, technical leader at Cisco, focuses on architecting, designing, and testing large IPv6 network deployments for service providers and enterprises worldwide. Grossetete and Popoviciu co-authored Deploying IPv6 Networks (Cisco Press). Fred Wettling manages architecture and strategic planning for Bechtel. Wettling is a member of the IEEE, North American IPv6 Task Force, and IPv6 Forum; directs the IPv6 Business Council; chaired the Network Applications Consortium (NAC); and served on the President's National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee Next Generation Network Task Force. Understand how efficient IP communications are rapidly becoming even more central to business and economic growth. Get past the 'IPv4 vs. IPv6' myths that prevent effective decision making and planning. Objectively assess the constraints of existing IPv4 infrastructures-and learn how IPv6 can overcome them. Develop and analyze the business case for IPv6-with help from real-world, never-before-published case studies. Identify hidden business opportunities IPv6 can unleash. Choose the optimal IPv6 adoption strategy for your enterprise or organization. Learn realistic best practices for planning successful migrations This volume is in the Network Business Series offered by Cisco Press. Books in this series provide IT executives, decision makers, and networking professionals with pertinent information about today's most important technologies and business strategies. Category: Networking Technology Covers: IPv6

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