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Date on Database

Writings 2000-2006

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Book Details:

Series: Apress
Author:C. J. Date
Published:Nov 20 2006
Posted:Nov 19 2014
Book format:PDF
Book size:11.42 MB

Book Description:

Date on Database: Writings 2000 2006 captures some of the freshest thinking from widely known and respected relational database pioneer C. J. Date. Known for his tenacious defense of relational theory in its purest form, Date tackles many topics that are important to database professionals, including the difference between model and implementation, data integrity, data redundancy, deviations in SQL from the relational model, and much more. Date clearly and patiently explains where many of todays products and practices go wrong, and illustrates some of the trouble you can get into if you dont carefully think through your use of current database technology. In almost every field of endeavor, the writings of the founders and early leaders have had a profound effect. And now is your chance to read Date while his material is fresh and the field is still young. Youll want to read this book because it: Provides C. J. Date's freshest thinking on relational theory versus current products in the field Features a tribute to E. F. Codd, founder of the relational database field Clearly explains how the unwary practitioner can avoid problems with current relational database technology Offers novel insights into classic issues like redundancy and database design

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