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Beginning Game Development with Python and Pygame

From Novice to Professional

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Book Details:

Series: Apress , From Novice To Professional
Author:Will McGugan
Published:Oct 19 2007
Posted:Nov 19 2014
Book format:PDF
Book size:8.1 MB

Book Description:

Like music and movies, video games are rapidly becoming an integral part of our lives. Over the years, youve yearned for every new gaming console, mastered each blockbuster within weeks after its release, and have even won a local gaming competition or two. But lately youve been spending a lot of time thinking about a game idea of your own, or are exploring the possibility of making a career of this vibrant and growing industry. But where should you begin?Beginning Game Development with Python and Pygame is written with the budding game developer in mind, introducing games development through the Python programming language and the popular Pygame games development library. Authored by industry veteran and Python expert Will McGugan, who worked on the MotorStorm game for PlayStation 3, youll be privy to insights that will not only help you to exploit Pygame to its maximum potential, but also make you a more creative and knowledgeable games developer all round. Learn how to create advanced games by taking advantage of the popular open source Python programming language and Pygame games development library Learn about coding gaming preferences, sound, visual effects, and joystick/keyboard interaction Discover the concepts that are crucial to success in today's gaming industry, such as support for multiple platforms, and granting users the ability to extend and customize your gamesWhat youll learn Take advantage of Python and the Pygame library to build compelling cross-platform games Learn to best use these technologies to turn your dream game into reality Create professional games by accounting for sound, special effects, and user interaction through the joystick and keyboard Build both two- and three-dimensional games, and learn more about the factors that contribute to choosing one approach over the other Provide users with the means for extending your games through level creation and custom modifications as a means to build a vibrant community around your product Package your games in a manner that allows even novice computer users to install, use, and update your games with easeWho this book is for This book has been written for any budding games developer. While knowledge of the Python language helps, it isnt required. To help new programmers along, two early chapters are devoted to an overview of Python.

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