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Foundations of Agile Python Development

Foundations of Agile Python Development Image

Book Details:

Series: Apress , Foundations
Author:Jeff Younker
Published:Jun 26 2008
Posted:Nov 19 2014
Book format:PDF
Book size:6.9 MB

Book Description:

Youve long been enamored with the Python language, and have mastered its many nuances. Yet something seems to be missinga productivity boost that you know is possible but youre not sure how to go about it. This was the sentiment of so many developers before discovering Agile programming paradigm, which embraces concepts such as automation, effective code management, and testdriven development. Foundations of Agile Python Development is the first book to apply these soughtafter principles to Python developers, introducing both the tools and techniques built and supported by the Python community. Authored by Jeff Younker, a wellknown member of Pythons agile community who is perhaps best known for his creation of a popular Python testing framework, this book is sure to be a hit among readers who may have reached their limits of knowledge regarding the Python language, yet are seeking to improve their understanding of how sound processes can boost productivity to unparalleled heights. What youll learn Understand why the Agile movement is increasing productivity and decreasing programmer stress the world around Use Eclipse and Subversion to add a whole new level of efficiency to your daily programming activities Change your perspective on testing from a necessary evil to a compelling and crucial part of your development process Automate your build process, eliminating much of the tedium surrounding testing and deployment tasks Who this book is for Python developers seeking to take advantage of efficient developer tools and techniques to boost productivity.

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