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Handbook of Distance Learning for Real-Time

And Asynchronous Information Technology Education

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Book Details:

Publisher:IGI Global
Series: IGI Global , Handbook
Author:Solomon Negash
Published:May 27 2008
Posted:Nov 19 2014
Book format:PDF
Book size:8.93 MB

Book Description:

In information technology, unlike many other fields, the need to support the unique perspective of technologically advanced students and deliver technology-rich content presents unique challenges. Todays IT students need the ability to interact with their instructor in near-real time, interact with their peers and project team members, and access and manipulate technology tools in the pursuit of their educational objectives. The Handbook of Distance Learning for Real-Time and Asynchronous Information Technology Education delves deep into the construct of real-time, asynchronous education through information technology, pooling experiences from seasoned researchers and educators to detail their past successes and failures, discussing their techniques, hardships, and triumphs in the search for innovative and effective distance learning education for IT programs. This Premier Reference Source answers the increasing demand for a fundamental, decisive source on this cutting-edge issue facing all institutions, covering topics such as asynchronous communication, real-time instruction, multimedia content, content delivery, and distance education technologies.

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