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Jenkins Continuous Integration Cookbook

2nd Edition
Jenkins Continuous Integration Cookbook Image

Book Details:

Publisher:Packt Publishing
Series: Packt , Cookbook
Author:Alan Mark Berg
Published:Jan 30 2015
Posted:Nov 19 2014
Book format:PDF
Book size:6.37 MB

Book Description:

Over 90 recipes to produce great results from Jenkins using pro-level practices, techniques, and solutions About This BookExplore the use of more than 40 best-of-breed plug-ins for improving efficiencySecure and maintain Jenkins by integrating it with LDAP and CAS, which is a Single Sign-on solutionStep-by-step, easy-to-use instructions to optimize the existing features of Jenkins using the complete set of plug-ins that Jenkins offersWho This Book Is ForIf you are a Java developer, a software architect, a technical project manager, a build manager, or a development or QA engineer, then this book is ideal for you.A basic understanding of the software development life cycle and Java development is needed, as well as a rudimentary understanding of Jenkins. In Detail Jenkins is an award-wining and one of the most popular Continuous Integration servers in the market today. It was designed to maintain, secure, communicate, test, build, and improve the software development process.This book starts by examining the most common maintenance tasks. This is followed by steps that enable you to enhance the overall security of Jenkins. You will then explore the relationship between Jenkins builds and Maven pom.xml. Then, you will learn how to use plugins to display code metrics and fail builds to improve quality, followed by how to run performance and functional tests against a web application and web services. Finally, you will see what the available plugins are, concluding with best practices to improve quality.

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