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Constraint Satisfaction Problems

CSP Formalisms and Techniques

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Publisher:ISTE Ltd.
Series: Wiley
Author:Khaled Ghedira
Published:Jan 18 2013
Posted:Jul 31 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:2.67 MB

Book Description:

A Constraint Satisfaction Problem (CSP) consists of a set ofvariables, a domain of values for each variable and a set ofconstraints. The objective is to assign a value for each variablesuch that all constraints are satisfied. CSPs continue to receiveincreased attention because of both their high complexity and theiromnipresence in academic, industrial and even reallife problems.This is why they are the subject of intense research in bothartificial intelligence and operations research. This bookintroduces the classic CSP and details severalextensions/improvements of both formalisms and techniques in orderto tackle a large variety of problems. Consistency, flexible,dynamic, distributed and learning aspects are discussed andillustrated using simple examples such as the nqueen problem. Contents 1. Foundations of CSP.2. Consistency Reinforcement Techniques.3. CSP Solving Algorithms.4. Search Heuristics.5. Learning Techniques.6. Maximal Constraint Satisfaction Problems.7. Constraint Satisfaction and Optimization Problems.8. Distibuted Constraint Satisfaction Problems. About the Authors Khaled Ghedira is the general managing director of the TunisScience City in Tunisia, Professor at the University of Tunis, aswell as the founding president of the Tunisian Association ofArtificial Intelligence and the founding director of the SOIEresearch laboratory. His research areas include MAS, CSP, transportand production logistics, metaheuristics and security inM/Egovernment. He has led several national and internationalresearch projects, supervised 30 PhD theses and more than 50Master s theses, coauthored about 300 journal, conferenceand book research papers, written two text books on metaheuristicsand production logistics and coauthored three others.

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