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Geopositioning and Mobility

Geopositioning and Mobility Image

Book Details:

Publisher:ISTE Ltd.
Series: Wiley
Author:Ahmed Nait-Sidi-Moh
Published:May 14 2013
Posted:Aug 19 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:4.45 MB

Book Description:

This book presents a general overview of the applications anduse of geopositioning and GNSS for assisting the supervision andmanagement of mobile terrestrial professions, information, trafficregulation, multimodal information, pedestrian mobility and indoorgeopositioning, etc. It especially focuses on the field of mobilityand terrestrial transport, the automotive industry and tourism (onfoot, by bicycle or motorcycle, by car, by professional vehicles orby public transport, etc.). This book explores the manypossibilities, developmental and organizational factors, as well asnew paradigms, which will contribute to an essential part ofGNSS s civil economy, especially to Galileo in the midtermand to Egnos in the shortterm.Several of GNSS s integration structuring aspects insustainable terrestrial mobilities will be analyzed; for example interms of system architecture, data safety or legal constraints.Numerous diverse points of view will be presented regardingsubjects such as dynamic cartography and new computingarchitectures of: mobility systems, interconnection, servicequality, regulation or supervision functions of individualfreedoms. Contents Foreword, Matthias Ruete.1. The Geopositioning Concept, Yves Alexandre.2. Functions and Performance of the Egnos System, JrmeLegenne and Daniel Brocard.3. Information, Modeling and Traffic Reconstruction, Arnaud De LaFortelle, JeanMarc Lasgouttes and Fabien Moutarde.4. Geopositioning and Legal Issues, Thierry PietteCoudol.5. Locationbased Services: Platforms and Applications, WafaaAitCheikBihi, Ahmed NaitSidiMoh, Mohamed Bakhouya, Jaafer Gaberand Maxime Wack.6. Geofencing, Fabrice Reclus.7. Pedestrian Navigation for the Benefit of Mobility, PierreYvesGillieron, Vronique Chazal, Michael Flamm, Dominique Von DerMhll and Monique RuzickaRossier.8. The Application of Satellite Positioning Systems in TravelAnalysis,Patrick Gendre, Alexis Bacelar and Philippe Marchal. About the Authors Ahmed NaitSidiMoh is Associate Professor of IndustrialEngineering and Computer Engineering at the University of PicardieJules Verne, St Quentin, France. His research interests includemodeling, analysis of discrete event systems, performanceevaluation and optimization, routing policies, scheduling andinteroperability for service composition.Mohamed Bakhouya is a senior research scientist at AaltoUniversity, Finland. His research interests include various aspectson the design, validation, implementation, performance evaluationand analysis of distributed systems, architectures, protocols andservices.Jaafar Gaber is Associate Professor of Computational Sciences andComputer Engineering at the University of Technology ofBelfortMontbliard, France. His research interests includeubiquitous and pervasive computing, distributed systems,geopositioning and mobility, security and experimental performanceevaluations.Maxime Wack is Associate Professor of Computational Sciences andComputer Engineering at the University of Technology ofBelfortMontbliard, France. He heads the Geopositioning,Embedded Systems and Mobility (GSEM) team. His research interestsinclude intelligent transportation systems, security, digitalsignature and certification, locationbased services anddistributed systems.

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