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Agile ALM

Lightweight tools and Agile strategies

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Book Details:

Publisher:Manning Publications
Series: Manning
Author:Michael Huttermann
Published:Sep 05 2011
Posted:Nov 19 2014
Book format:PDF
Book size:11.4 MB

Book Description:

Summary Agile ALM is a guide for Java developers who want to integrate flexible agile practices and lightweight tooling along all phases of the software development process. The book introduces a new vision for managing change in requirements and process more efficiently and flexibly. It synthesizes technical and functional elements to provide a comprehensive approach to software development. About the Technology Agile Application Lifecycle Management (Agile ALM) combines flexible processes with lightweight tools in a comprehensive and practical approach to building, testing, integrating, and deploying software. Taking an agile approach to ALM improves product quality, reduces time to market, and makes for happier developers. About the Book Agile ALM is a guide for Java developers, testers, and release engineers. By following dozens of experience-driven examples, you'll learn to see the whole application lifecycle as a set of defined tasks, and then master the tools and practices you need to accomplish those tasks effectively. The book introduces state-of-the-art, lightweight tools that can radically improve the speed and fluidity of development and shows you how to integrate them into your processes. The tools and examples are Java-based, but the Agile ALM principles apply to all development platforms. Purchase of the print book comes with an offer of a free PDF, ePub, and Kindle eBook from Manning. Also available is all code from the book. What's InsideA thorough introduction to Agile ALM Build an integrated Java-based Agile ALM toolchain Use Scrum for release management Reviewed by a team of 20 Agile ALM experts================================ Table of ContentsPART 1 INTRODUCTION TO AGILE ALM Getting started with Agile ALM ALM and Agile strategies PART 2 FUNCTIONAL AGILE ALM Using Scrum for release management Task-based development PART 3 INTEGRATION AND RELEASE MANAGEMENT Integration and release management Creating a productive development environment Advanced CI tools and recipes PART 4 OUTSIDE-IN AND BARRIER-FREE DEVELOPMENT Requirements and test management Collaborative and barrier-free development with Groovy and Scala

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