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Classroom-oriented Research

Achievements and Challenges

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Series: Springer
Author:Miroslaw Pawlak
Published:Aug 05 2013
Posted:Mar 22 2015
Book format:PDF
Book size:3.54 MB

Book Description:

The volume brings together papers related to different aspects of classroom-oriented research on teaching and learning second and foreign languages that have been authored by specialists from Poland and abroad. The first part contains contributions dealing with individual variation in the language classroom, in particular age, anxiety, beliefs and language learning strategies. The second part deals with various facets of teachers behaviors in the classroom, focusing in particular on classroom communication and the use of action research in teacher training. The third part includes papers devoted to various instructional practices, such as the use of new technologies, the development of intercultural competence, assessment or combining content and language. Finally, the last part deals with issues involved in research methodology, with special emphasis being placed on the use of diaries, observations, mixed methods research as well as triangulation.

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