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Apr 04 2016 Added eBooks

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Develop on Yammer

Social Integration for Modern Business Applications
Develop on Yammer Image
Develop on Yammer is your guide to integrating the Yammer social network with your company's application ecosystem. By developing custom apps and features on the Yammer platform, you can make your workplace more productive, encourage communication and feedback, and get your colleagues collaborating across a range of platforms, including SharePoint, ASP.NET, and Windows Phone.The book begins with an introduction to the development options available along with guidance on how to set up a Yammer developer account. You'll then take your first step in Yammer integration by building a Yammer feed into a web page or other JavaScript-based client application, before diving into app creation and management on the Yammer platform. The authors provide a deep di...

Expert Oracle Exadata

Expert Oracle Exadata Image
2nd Edition
Expert Oracle Exadata, 2nd Edition opens up the internals of Oracle's Exadata platform so that you can fully benefit from the most performant and scalable database hardware appliance capable of running Oracle Database. This edition is fully-updated to cover Exadata 5-2 and Oracle Database 12c. If you're new to Exadata, you'll soon learn that it embodies a change in how you think about and manage relational databases. A key part of that change lies in the concept of offloading SQL processing to the storage layer. In addition there is Oracle's engineering effort in creating a powerful platform for both consolidation and transaction processing. The result...

Expert SQL Server in-Memory OLTP

Expert SQL Server in-Memory OLTP Image
Expert SQL Server In-Memory OLTP is a short but deep dive into one of the most significant feature sets to come to SQL Server in many years -- support for in-memory online transaction processing. Dmitri Korotkevitch is the five-star author of Pro SQL Server Internals, and now brings his same combination of clear thinking and deep expertise to the question of how to think about and best use memory-optimized tables and the natively-compiled stored procedures and other objects that were introduced as part of Microsoft's in-memory OLTP technology (code named "Hekaton") in SQL Server 2014. In-memory OLTP presents many opportunities for faster transaction throughput and taking better advantage of modern and powerful hardware in a demanding age in...

Modern Cold Spray

Materials, Process and Applications
Modern Cold Spray Image
This book focuses on the current state of the art of the novel cold spray process. Cold spray is a solid state metal consolidation process, which allows engineers to tailor surface and shape properties by optimizing process parameters, powder characteristics and substrate conditions for a wide variety of applications that are difficult or impossible by other techniques.Readers will benefit from this book's coverage of the commercial evolution of cold spray since the 1980's and will gain a practical understanding of what the technology has to offer....

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