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Automation through Chef Opscode

A Hands-on Approach to Chef
Automation through Chef Opscode Image
Automation through Chef Opscode provides an in-depth understanding of Chef, which is written in Ruby and Erlang for configuration management, cloud infrastructure management, system administration, and network management. Targeted at administrators, consultants, and architect, the book guides them through the advanced features of the tool which are necessary for infrastructure automation, devops automation, and reporting. The book presumes knowledge of Ruby and Erlang which are used as reference languages for creating recipes and cookbooks and as a refresher on them to help the reader get on speed with the flow of book. The book provides step by step instructions on installation and configuration of Chef, usage scenarios of Chef, in infrastructur...

WordPress for Web Developers

An Introduction for Web Professionals
WordPress for Web Developers Image
WordPress for Web Developers is a complete guide for web designers and developers who want to begin building and administeringsites with WordPress. This book is an update of Beginning WordPress 3, freshened and clarified forweb developers who want to make the most of WordPress.You'll start by learning WordPress basics, including how to publish content, add media, and manage users. Then you'll dig deeper into your WordPress server administration, including domain mapping, security, and importing and migrating. The book then steps up a gear with an introduction to developing for WordPress, perfect for developers and designers with some PHP experience, who want to learn to create custom themes and plugins. WordPress is the most popular open source blogg...

Predictive Analytics with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Build and Deploy Actionable Solutions in Minutes
Predictive Analytics with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Image
Data Science and Machine Learning are in high demand, as customers are increasingly looking for ways to glean insights from all their data. More customers now realize that Business Intelligence is not enough as the volume, speed and complexity of data now defy traditional analytics tools. While Business Intelligence addresses descriptive and diagnostic analysis, Data Science unlocks new opportunities through predictive and prescriptive analysis. The purpose of this book is to provide a gentle and instructionally organized introduction to the field of data science and machine learning, with a focus on building and deploying predictive models. The book also provides a thorough overview of the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning service using task oriented...

Modern X86 Assembly Language Programming

32-bit, 64-bit, SSE and AVX
Modern X86 Assembly Language Programming Image
Modern X86 Assembly Language Programming shows the fundamentals of x86 assembly language programming. It focuses on the aspects of the x86 instruction set that are most relevant to application software development. The book's structure and sample code are designed to help the reader quickly understand x86 assembly language programming and the computational capabilities of the x86 platform. Book appendixes can be downloaded here: http://www.apress.com/9781484200650?gtmf=sMajor topics of the book include the following:32-bit core architecture, data types, internal registers, memory addressing modes, and the basic instruction setX87 core architecture, register stack, special purpose registers, floating-point encodings, and instruction setMMX technology ...

JavaServer Faces

Introduction by Example
JavaServer Faces Image
This book is about using JavaServer Faces to create and deploy interactive applications delivered to end users via a browser interface. JavaServer Faces is the component-based technology enabling easy development of such applications, especially applications of the type commonly needed in enterprise environments. JavaServerFaces: Introduction by Example is a to-the-point, 250-page introduction to an important technology that every Java Enterprise Edition programmer should know and be able to use.JavaServer Faces: Introduction by Example takes you through building and deploying servlet-based web pages built around JavaServer Faces, Facelets, managed Java Beans, and prebuilt user-interface components. You'll learn to build user interfaces that run in t...

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