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Aug 12 2016 Added eBooks

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Building Microservices

Building Microservices Image
2nd Edition
Distributed systems have become more fine-grained in the past 10 years, shifting from code-heavy monolithic applications to smaller, self-contained microservices. But developing these systems brings its own set of headaches. With lots of examples and practical advice, this book takes a holistic view of the topics that system architects and administrators must consider when building, managing, and evolving microservice architectures.Microservice technologies are moving quickly. Author Sam Newman provides you with a firm grounding in the concepts while diving into current solutions for modeling, integrating, testing, deploying, and monitoring your own au...

ACT 2006 For Dummies

ACT 2006 For Dummies Image
Contact management software (CRM) like ACT! are extremely valuable tools that can save you time and money. ACT! is easy to set up and takes little time to create a database, however, it is also a little bit more complex to understand than ordinary software. ACT! 2006 For Dummies is the friendly new guide to the latest version of ACT! This straightforward, plain, English book shows you the fun and easy way to consolidate, view, and edit all contacts from your company and your life. Providing you with a general overview of ACT! and the basics, you will have the tools you need to: Add, duplicate, and delete contacts, Remodel and customize lists and tabs, Perform contact searches, Work with ACT! notes and histories, Schedule your activities, Share, desig...

Ensemble Machine Learning

Methods and Applications
Ensemble Machine Learning Image
It is common wisdom that gathering a variety of views and inputs improves the process of decision making, and, indeed, underpins a democratic society. Dubbed ensemble learning by researchers in computational intelligence and machine learning, it is known to improve a decision systems robustness and accuracy. Now, fresh developments are allowing researchers to unleash the power of ensemble learning in an increasing range of real-world applications. Ensemble learning algorithms such as boosting and random forest facilitate solutions to key computational issues such as face recognition and are now being applied in areas as diverse as object tracking and bioinformatics.Responding to a shortage of literature dedicated to the topic, this volume offers comp...

Understanding and Conducting Information Systems Auditing

Understanding and Conducting Information Systems Auditing Image
A comprehensive guide to understanding and auditing modern information systems The increased dependence on information system resources for performing key activities within organizations has made system audits essential for ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information system resources. One of the biggest challenges faced by auditors is the lack of a standardized approach and relevant checklist. Understanding and Conducting Information Systems Auditing brings together resources with audit tools and techniques to solve this problem. Featuring examples that are globally applicable and covering all major standards, the book takes a nontechnical approach to the subject and presents information systems as a management tool wit...

The Art of Data Analysis

How to Answer Almost Any Question Using Basic Statistics
The Art of Data Analysis Image
A friendly and accessible approach to applying statistics in the real world With an emphasis on critical thinking, The Art of Data Analysis: How to Answer Almost Any Question Using Basic Statistics presents fun and unique examples, guides readers through the entire data collection and analysis process, and introduces basic statistical concepts along the way. Leaving proofs and complicated mathematics behind, the author portrays the more engaging side of statistics and emphasizes its role as a problemsolving tool. In addition, lighthearted case studies illustrate the application of statistics to real data analyses, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of commonly used techniques. Written for the growing academic and industrial population that u...

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