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Introducing Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX

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Get a jump on using the new framework for developing AJAX-enabled ASP.NET applicationswith insights from a noted authority on ASP.NET. This reference covers the February 2007 release of ASP.NET AJAX Extensions 1.0. It delivers practical instruction and extensive code samples to help you create state-of-the-art applications with the latest Web development tools.Discover how to: Understand the 'AJAX lifestyle fundamentals for creating interactive, responsive applications Use the Microsoft AJAX Library to support object-oriented JavaScript programming Access rich, sophisticated controls from the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit Apply extenders to add new client-side behavior to existing ASP.NET controls Implement partial page rendering without client-side ...

Architecting Mobile Solutions for the Enterprise

Architecting Mobile Solutions for the Enterprise Image
Your guide to planning and executing a complete mobile web strategyRevisit your approach to the mobile weband deliver effective solutions that reach customers and clients on a variety of mobile devices. In this practical guide, web development luminary Dino Esposito shows you how to develop a solid mobile strategy for the enterprise, starting with an effective mobile website. You'll receive essential architectural and implementation guidance, as well as mobile-specific design patterns for building cross-platform and native applications.Discover how to:Architect a website accessible from many different mobile devices Implement design patterns specific to mobile app development Examine tools that enable you to write one codebase for many platforms Use ...

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