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Inside JavaScript

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Written for beginning to intermediate readers looking to learn how to work with JavaScript and how best to use it with other web technologies. Inside JavaSript fills a void between the very beginning and high level books available in bookstores today. It's a book readers want primarily for two reasons: re-usable code and up-to-date browser information. Books currently out on the shelf are not up to the latest in browser technology; thus, frustrating readers because everything done in JavaScript is dependent on browser capabilities. The web site will contain all the source code used in the book. This is an incredible asset being that there are over 500 code samples www.newriders.com....

Inside XSLT

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Inside XSLT is designed to be a companion guide toInside XML. This example oriented book covers XML, HTML, Music, XML with Java, style sheet creation and usage, nodes and attributes, sorting data, creating Xpath expressions, using Xpath and XSLT functions, namespaces, names templates, name variables, designing style sheets and using XSLT processor API's, the 56 XSL formatting objects, the XSLT DTD, and much more.In order to work with XML fully, you need to be up to speed with XSLT since XSLT is the technology that transforms XML to a workable format. Readers are looking for the follow-up book to Inside XML and this is it....

Inside XML

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The XML explosion hardly needs any introduction-it's everywhere and there just seems to be no end to what can be done with XML. While writing to the W3C standards, and keeping up with the pace for corporate implementation, you, the programmer or web developer, will need a comprehensive guide to get you started and show you what XML and its related technologies can do. A thorough guide is imperative to success because you will need to know and understand the full scope of XML from day one in order to work with it successfully. With your time constraints and impossible project schedules, you need a comprehensive guide that fulfills your needs in one complete book. Inside XML is an anchor book that covers both the Microsoft and non-Microsoft approach to...

Secrets of RSS

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Whether you want to create your own RSS feeds or just would like to locate and add them to your Web site, this is the book for you. In the Secrets of RSS, author Steve Holzner provides real-world guidance and advice to introduce you everything you need to know about effectively implementing and using RSS: How to connect to RSS feed, handle them, and track down what you want The difference between RSS and blogs, and how nearly every major RSS reader works How to design an RSS feed, what you'll find in RSS feeds, and formats and links Create your own first RSS feed from scratch:and subscribe to it Putting RSS to work in the real-world The free tools and software available to help you create RSS files Finding, subscribing to, and creating podca...

Google SketchUp 8

Sams Teach Yourself in 10 Minutes
Google SketchUp 8 Image
Sams Teach Yourself Google SketchUp 8 in 10 Minutes Steven Holzner Sams Teach Yourself Google SketchUp 8 in 10 Minutes gives you straightforward, practical answers when you need fast results. By working through its 10-minute lessons you'll learn all you need to use Google's free SketchUp 8 to create pro-quality 3D models of practically anything! Tips point out shortcuts and solutions Cautions help you avoid common pitfalls Notes provide additional information 10 minutes is all you need to learn how to Quickly get up and running with SketchUp 8 Draw basic figures with the Rectangle, Circle, Polygon, and Arc tools Create freehand drawings of any shape Incorporate text into your modelseven 3D text Convert 2D models to 3D using Push/Pull, Move, Ro...

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