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PHP & MySQL For Dummies

PHP & MySQL For Dummies Image
4th Edition
Here's what Web designers need to know to create dynamic, database-driven Web sitesTo be on the cutting edge, Web sites need to serve up HTML, CSS, and products specific to the needs of different customers using different browsers. An effective e-commerce site gathers information about users and provides information they need to get the desired result.PHP scripting language with a MySQL back-end database offers an effective way to design sites that meet these requirements. This full updated 4th Edition of PHP & MySQL For Dummies gets you quickly up to speed, even if your experience is limited. * Explains the easy way to install and set up PHP and M...

PHP, MySQL, JavaScript & HTML5

All-in-One For Dummies
PHP, MySQL, JavaScript & HTML5 Image
Get the basics on four key web programming tools in one great book!PHP, JavaScript, and HTML5 are essential programming languages for creating dynamic websites that work with the MySQL database. PHP and MySQL provide a robust, easy-to-learn, open-source solution for creating superb e-commerce sites and content management. JavaScript and HTML5 add support for the most current multimedia effects. This one-stop guide gives you what you need to know about all four! Seven self-contained minibooks cover web technologies, HTML5 and CSS3, PHP programming, MySQL databases, JavaScript, PHP with templates, and web applications. Addresses how PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and HTML5 are vital tools for creating dynamic, database-driven websites and are especially impor...

Spring Into Linux

Spring Into Linux Image
The power and flexibility of the Linux desktop--for working professionals who need to get up-to-speed fast on Linux. From Janet Valade, best-selling PHP author and longtime Linux expert. Covers the three most popular versions of Linux: Fedora, SuSE, and Mandrake PLUS both the GNOME and KDE desktop suites. Fast-paced: introductory tutorials give way to advanced topics such as the Linux command line and Linux shell scripts - all in the unique Spring Into one-page and two-page tutorial format....

PHP & MySQL Web Development

All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies
PHP & MySQL Web Development Image
If you want to build dynamic Web sites that encourage users to interact with them, PHP and MySQL are among the best tools you'll find. PHP is a scripting language designed specifically for use on the Web, while MySQL is a database management system that works with it perfectly. Best of all, they're free. It's hard to beat that combination!PHP MySQL Web Development All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies is kind of one-stop shopping for the information you need to get up and running with these tools and put them to good use. It's divided into six handy minibooks that cover setting up your environment, PHP programming, using MySQL, security, PHP extensions, and PHP Web applications. They make it easy to create a Web site where visitors can sign on, use ...


For Dummies
PHP & MySQL Image
3rd Edition
Build an online catalog and a members-only siteEverything you need to know to create a dynamic PHP and MySQL Web site!Been thinking of creating a high-quality interactive Web site? This book is just what you need to get started! Here's the fun and easy way(r) to develop a Web application in PHP 4, 5, or 6 and MySQL 5, test your software, enable your Web pages to display, change, and move database information, and much more.Discover how to* Plan and implement a Web database application* Design and build a MySQL 5 database* Build dynamic HTML forms* Create scripts that store, retrieve, and update database information* Display database information in a We...

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