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SQL and Relational Theory

How to Write Accurate SQL Code
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Understanding SQL's underlying theory is the best way to guarantee that your SQL code is correct and your database schema is robust and maintainable. On the other hand, if you're not well versed in the theory, you can fall into several traps. In SQL and Relational Theory, author C.J. Date demonstrates how you can apply relational theory directly to your use of SQL. With numerous examples and clear explanations of the reasoning behind them, you'll learn how to deal with common SQL dilemmas, such as:Should database access granted be through views instead of base tables? Nulls in your database are causing you to get wrong answers. Why? What can you do about it? Could you write an SQL query to find employees who have never been in the same department for...

Database in Depth

Relational Theory for Practitioners
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This book sheds light on the principles behind the relational model, which is fundamental to all database-backed applications--and, consequently, most of the work that goes on in the computing world today. Database in Depth: The Relational Model for Practitioners goes beyond the hype and gets to the heart of how relational databases actually work.Ideal for experienced database developers and designers, this concise guide gives you a clear view of the technology--a view that's not influenced by any vendor or product. Featuring an extensive set of exercises, it will help you:understand why and how the relational model is still directly relevant to modern database technology (and will remain so for the foreseeable future) see why and how the SQL standar...

The Relational Database Dictionary

Extended Edition
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Chris Date, one of the founders of the relational model, has updated and expanded his relational database dictionary to include more than 900 terms. What youll learn Over 900 relational database terms defined Precise and concise definitions, unlike those found on Wikipedia and other sources Clear examples used where appropriate Hyperlinks included in the eBook for easy reference Who this book is for People who need to know something about databases, although it is not their main line of work; people new to databases, and non computer people looking to be conversant in database....

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