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Safety Management of Software-based Equipment

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A review of the principles of the safety of softwarebasedequipment, this book begins by presenting the definition principlesof safety objectives. It then moves on to show how it is possibleto define a safety architecture (including redundancy,diversification, errordetection techniques) on the basis of safetyobjectives and how to identify objectives related to softwareprograms. From software objectives, the authors present thedifferent safety techniques (fault detection, redundancy andquality control). Certifiable system aspects aretaken into account throughout the book. Contents 1. Safety Management.2. From System to Software.3. Certifiable Systems.4. Risk and Safety Levels.5. Principles of Hardware Safety.6. Principles of Software Safety.7. Ce...

Formal Methods

Industrial Use from Model to the Code
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Although formal analysis programming techniques may be quite old, the introduction of formal methods only dates from the 1980s. These techniques enable us to analyze the behavior of a software application, described in a programming language. It took until the end of the 1990s before formal methods or the B method could be implemented in industrial applications or be usable in an industrial setting.Current literature only gives students and researchers very general overviews of formal methods. The purpose of this book is to present feedback from experience on the use of 'formal methods' (such as proof and model-checking) in industrial examples within the transportation domain.This book is based on the experience of people who are currently involved i...

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