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How to Create an RPM

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Every day, all around the world, somebody says, "it would be great to make an RPM to install this software," but then find that they don't have anybody who has made one before, and don't really know how to work out how to make one, or how much effort would be involved in going about that task. This is a fairly short and easy-to-follow guide aimed at helping people to create RPMs quickly and easily in real-world situations. All of the files needed to work through the book can be downloaded for free, and you can also download a ready-built Virtualbox virtual machine, configured with the necessary software and files, to accompany the book. This all comes together to make it easy to create professionally-presented RPM packages with confidence. ...

Shell Scripting

Expert Recipes for Linux, Bash and more
Shell Scripting Image
A compendium of shell scripting recipes that can immediately be used, adjusted, and appliedThe shell is the primary way of communicating with the Unix and Linux systems, providing a direct way to program by automating simple-to-intermediate tasks. With this book, Linux expert Steve Parker shares a collection of shell scripting recipes that can be used as is or easily modified for a variety of environments or situations. The book covers shell programming, with a focus on Linux and the Bash shell; it provides credible, real-world relevance, as well as providing the flexible tools to get started immediately.Shares a collection of helpful shell scripting recipes that can immediately be used for various of real-world challenges Features recipes for system...

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