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Java Performance and Scalability

Volume 1, Server-Side Programming Techniques
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Performance is now the area where Java is being put to the test, offering ever greater competitive advantage for those who master it. In this book, one of the world's leading software optimization experts presents 48 lessons that address virtually every aspect of Java server-side performance, Java Performance and Scalability, Volume I proves that, through careful attention to underlying source code and program design, the Java programming language can meet and exceed developers' greatest expectations. Dov Bulka targets the most common and critical Java performance pitfalls, offering dozens of practical tips and solutions covering each performance-critical area. Bulka has done the hard work of digging deep into the JDK to understand Java performance i...

Efficient C++

Performance Programming Techniques
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Far too many programmers and software designers consider efficient C++ to be an oxymoron. They regard C++ as inherently slow and inappropriate for performance-critical applications. Consequently, C++ has had little success penetrating domains such as networking, operating system kernels, device drivers, and others. Efficient C++ explodes that myth. Written by two authors with first-hand experience wringing the last ounce of performance from commercial C++ applications, this book demonstrates the potential of C++ to produce highly efficient programs. The book reveals practical, everyday object-oriented design principles and C++ coding techniques that can yield large performance improvements. It points out common pitfalls in both design and code that g...

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