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Expert Android Studio

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Take your Android programming skills to the next level by unleashing the potential of Android Studio Expert Android Studiobridges the gap between your Android programing skills with the provided tools including Android Studio, NDK, Gradle and Plugins for IntelliJ Idea Platform. Packed with best practices and advanced tips and techniques on Android tools, development cycle, continuos integration, release management, testing, and performance, this book offers professional guidance to experienced developers who want to push the boundaries of the Android platform with the developer tools. Youll discover how to use the tools and techniques to unleash your true potential as a developer. Discover the basics of working in Android Studio and Gradle, as w...

Professional Java EE Design Patterns

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Master JavaEE Design Pattern implementation to improve your coding efficiency Professional JavaEE Design Patterns is the ultimate guide to working more efficiently with JavaEE, and the only resource that covers both the theory and application of design patterns in solving real-world problems. The authors guide readers through both the fundamentals and little-known secrets of JavaEE6/7, presenting patterns throughout, and demonstrating how they are used in day-to-day programming. As the standard computing platform in community-driven enterprise software, JavaEE provides an API and runtime environment above and beyond JavaSE. Written for the experienced JavaEE developer hoping to improve code quality and efficiency, the book contains time saving patter...

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