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FlexRay and its Applications

Real Time Multiplexed Network
FlexRay and its Applications Image
This is an authoritative yet highly accessible guide to the design and operation of the FlexRay bus, the latest protocol for automotive network communications. A translation of the French edition, originally published in January 2011, this work is the result of numerous training courses that Dominique Paret has given in companies, and it provides detailed explanations of the design and operation of the FlexRay bus. Comprised of five parts, the book covers: the FlexRay concept and its communication protocol; the FlexRay physical layer; synchronization and global time; architecture of a node; and, components and development aid tools for hardware and software. This title provides comprehensive treatment of the FlexRay network, including its implementat...

Multiplexed Networks for Embedded Systems

CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Safe-by-Wire
Multiplexed Networks for Embedded Systems Image
Multiplexed networks are essential for the unified, efficient and cost-effective exchange of electronic information within embedded component systems. This is especially important in automotive manufacturing as vehicles become increasingly reliant on robust electronic networks and systems for improved reliability, anti-lock brake systems (ABS), steering, on-board navigation systems, and much more. The latest systems such as X-by-Wire and FlexRay aim to produce faster, fault-tolerant network component interconnects, for state-of-the-art network implementation and safer, more reliable engineering of vehicular systems. This book provides a thorough and comprehensive introduction to automotive multiplexed network buses, covering the technical principles,...

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