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USB Mass Storage

Designing and Programming Devices and Embedded Hosts
USB Mass Storage Image
This developer's guide for designers and programmers of mass-storage devices that use the Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface provides developers with information on how to choose storage media, interface the media to a microcontroller or other CPU, and write device firmware to access the media and perform USB communications. Comparisons of popular storage-media options to help users choose a media type for a project are included, and the types described cover hard drives and flash-memory cards such as the MultiMediaCard (MMC), Secure Digital (SD) card, and CompactFlash card. Helpful tips on developing an embedded host that can access USB mass-storage devices are also covered....

Let Us C

Let Us C Image
5th Edition
Considered to be one of the best-selling programming books ever written, the eighth edition has now been edited, revised, and updated. A CD-ROM with demos, code, compiler, executables, and MATLAB examples has been added to the book. Simplicity and an easy narration style are the hallmarks of the book, which have made its previous seven editions immensely successful. Today s C programmer (still the language of choice in science, engineering, game programming and for handheld devices) has to master the complexities of the language and contend with its usage in environments like Windows, Linux, and for the Internet. Let Us C, Eighth Edition covers these t...

Software engineering for Internet applications

Software engineering for Internet applications Image
After working their way to the end of the book, students will have the skills to take vague and ambitious specifications and turn them into a system design that can be built and launched in a few months. They will be able to test prototypes with end-users and refine the application design. They will understand how to meet the challenge of extreme business requirements with automatic code generation and the use of open-source toolkits where appropriate. Students will understand HTTP, HTML, SQL, mobile browsers, VoiceXML, data modeling, page flow and interaction design, server-side scripting, and usability analysis....

Fractal Image Compression

Theory And Application
Fractal Image Compression Image
This book presents the theory and application of new methods of image compression based on self-transformations of an image. These methods lead to a representation of an image as a fractal, an object with detail at all scales. Very practical and completely up-to-date, this book will serve as a useful reference for those working in image processing and encoding and as a great introduction for those unfamiliar with fractals. The book begins with an elementary introduction to the concept of fractal image compression and contains a rigorous description of all the relevant mathemtics of the subjects....

Web Design Principles International Edition

Web Design Principles International Edition Image
5th Edition
Many variables aff ect the way users view your Web pages. As an HTML author, your goal should be to code pages that are accessible to the largest audience possible. As you plan your Web site, make the following decisions before implementing your site: Make sure to check for support of new HTML5 elements, and test carefully before adding them to your Web site; Use the HTML5 naming conventions to name the content sections of your site, even if only using them as class or id names. This will help you ease the migration to the new HTML5 page layout elements as they become supported by browsers; Use Cascading Style Sheets. The style enhancements and control...

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