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Amazing Websites & Apps

Easy Do-It-Yourself
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This book is the culmination of years experience in website and mobile app development that eventually evolved into part of a three hour lecture conference to train individuals on the topic. This subject is part of the Professor Lecture Series that is held in the seven states of New York and New England. The series began in June 2004 in Massachusetts and has spread to New York and all of New England. In addition to Websites and mobile apps development, other courses in computer technology are included as part of the Professor Lecture Series. they include among others, Excel, PowerPoint, Blogging, Windows 8, and QuickBooks. Some other technical topics include publishing, broadcasting, recording, and other digital multimedia technologies. Ten years bef...

15 minute Azure Installation

Set up the Microsoft Cloud Server by the Numbers
15 minute Azure Installation Image
Finally! A book that lets the ordinary person set up the Microsoft Azure Cloud Server and get to work. All the other books we've seen seem to be written for computer science PhDs. Following the numbers lets the small business join the cloud revolution without hiring an expert. Now they can replace hardware computer systems with the future of computing. The Azure system: Backup in triplicate at two different locations Maintenance and updates by Microsoft itself The latest 2012 R2 Enterprise server software A low monthly fee half the current cost Accessible from anywhere there is internet by any PC, tablet, or smart phone Faster than an in-house system...

DoD Architecture Framework 2.0

A Guide to Applying Systems Engineering to Develop Integrated, Executable Architectures
DoD Architecture Framework 2.0 Image
DoD Architecture Framework 2.0: A Guide to Applying System Engineering to Develop Integrated, Executable Architectures is designed to establish a clear understanding of the DoDAF and its purpose, and advance the readers skills in applying systems engineering to the DoDAF. Readers will understand what tools, processes, and techniques make a good methodology. The author divided the book into two section to give particular attention to both Theory and Practical Application. The Practical Application section of the book will allow readers to take their knowledge of the DoDAF and develop their ability to execute architectures....

Fundamentals of IOS 8

With iPhone 6
Fundamentals of IOS 8 Image
Learn to use your the fundamentals of iOS 8 the easy way, no jargon. Clear, concise and to the point... iOS 8 is the latest release of Apple's mobile operating system and run on some cool little devices, and are widely used by both beginners and experienced users. This book explores New features of IOS 8 Setting up your iPhone Setting up and connecting to WiFi, Setting yourself up with icloud and Apple IDs A tour of the interface, icons and menus Mastering multi touch gestures, Organising your favourite photos, Buying, organising and listening to music, Using maps to get directions, Browsing the internet with confidence and safety, Chatting to friends with FaceTime and more... Techniques are illustrated step-by-step using photography and screen pri...

Nmap Cookbook

The Fat-free Guide to Network Scanning
Nmap Cookbook Image
Nmap(r) Cookbook: The fat-free guide to network scanning provides simplified coverage of network scanning features available in the Nmap suite of utilities. Every Nmap feature is covered with visual examples to help you quickly understand and identify proper usage for practical results. Topics covered include: * Installation on Windows, Mac OS X, Unix/Linux platforms * Basic and advanced scanning techniques * Network inventory and security auditing * Firewall evasion techniques * Zenmap - A graphical front-end for Nmap * NSE - The Nmap Scripting Engine * Ndiff - A Nmap scan comparison utility Simplified coverage of Nmap 5.00 features....

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