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Metal-Dielectric Interfaces in Gigascale Electronics

Thermal and Electrical Stability
Metal-Dielectric Interfaces in Gigascale Electronics Image
Metal-dielectric interfaces are ubiquitous in modern electronics. As advanced gigascale electronic devices continue to shrink, the stability of these interfaces is becoming an increasingly important issue that has a profound impact on the operational reliability of these devices. In this book, the authors present the basic science underlying the thermal and electrical stability of metal-dielectric interfaces and its relationship to the operation of advanced interconnect systems in gigascale electronics. Interface phenomena, including chemical reactions between metals and dielectrics, metallic-atom diffusion, and ion drift, are discussed based on fundamental physical and chemical principles. Schematic diagrams are provided throughout the book to illus...

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Consciousness and the Self

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Consciousness and the Self Image
This book brings together ancient spiritual wisdom and modern science and philosophy to address age-old questions regarding our existence, free will and the nature of conscious awareness.Stuart Hameroff MDProfessor, Anesthesiology and Psychology, and Director, Center for Consciousness StudiesThe University of Arizona, Tucson, ArizonaThis book presents a rich, broad-ranging overview of contemporary research and scholarship into consciousness and the self. It is to their credit that the editors have assembled a highly stimulating set of scholars whose expertise cover all the relevant areas. I strongly recommend the book to anyone with an interest in understanding the directions in which contemporary thinking about the nature of consciousness is headed...

Fuzzy Stochastic Optimization

Theory, Models and Applications
Fuzzy Stochastic Optimization Image
In 2014, winner of "Outstanding Book Award" by The Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics.Covering in detail both theoretical and practical perspectives, this book is a self-contained and systematic depiction of current fuzzy stochastic optimization that deploys the fuzzy random variable as a core mathematical tool to model the integrated fuzzy random uncertainty. It proceeds in an orderly fashion from the requisite theoretical aspects of the fuzzy random variable to fuzzy stochastic optimization models and their real-life case studies.The volume reflects the fact that randomness and fuzziness (or vagueness) are two major sources of uncertainty in the real world, with significant implications in a number of settings. In...

Composite Materials

Science and Engineering
Composite Materials Image
3rd Edition
The third edition of Krishan Chawla's widely used textbook, Composite Materials, offers integrated and completely up-to-date coverage of composite materials. The book focuses on the triad of processing, structure, and properties, while providing a well-balanced treatment of the materials science and mechanics of composites. In this edition of Composite Materials, revised and updated throughout, increasing use of composites in industry (especially aerospace and energy) and new developments in the field are highlighted. There is a new chapter on non-conventional composites, which covers polymer, metal and ceramic matrix nanocomposites, self-healing compo...

The Effects of Traffic Structure on Application and Network Performance

The Effects of Traffic Structure on Application and Network Performance Image
Over the past three decades, the Internet's rapid growth has spurred the development of new applications in mobile computing, digital music, online video, gaming and social networks.These applications rely heavily upon various underlying network protocols and mechanisms to enable, maintain and enhance their Internet functionalityThe Effects ofTraffic Structure on Application and Network Performanceprovides the necessary tools for maximizing the network efficiency of any Internet application, and presents ground-breaking research that will influence how these applications are built in the future. The book outlines how to design and run all types of networking experiments, and establishes the best practices in synthetic traffic generation for current a...

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